Kwik Fit Contact Number: 0800 222 111

Contact your local Kwik Fit centre for free by dialling their national freephone number 0800 222 111 to book your car in for a service, for MOT enquiries and to get new tyres fitted.

Kwik Fit operate over 600 centres across the United Kingdom where mechanics can service your vehicle, perform periodic MOT checks and fit new tyres to your car. You can therefore call their switchboard freephone number 0800 222 111 for free to contact your local centre to book your car in for an MOT, to browse their range of new tyres and to fit second-hand wheels to your vehicle. You can also call this helpline to track the repairs of your car, to query an item on your invoice and to make a payment over the telephone if their specialists have found a further problem with your vehicle. They also offer their services to repair commercial vans, caravans, classic vehicles and motorhomes so you may call their helpline to get a quote for their current prices.

Lines are open 8:30am-6pm Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday, however please be aware that this is a central call system so your local centre may have different opening hours. Calls to Kwik Fit are free from all landline and mobile telephone handsets in the UK.


Complain to Kwik Fit – 0800 757 677

Complaints about Kwik Fit are handled via their dedicated freephone contact number 0800 757 677 where you can complain about poor repairs which damaged your vehicle, an excessive MOT bill and faults missed by their mechanics which caused your car to fail its MOT check. Moreover if they fitted dangerous tyres to your car or misinformed you of the correct pressures which led to an accident you can call this helpline to request compensation.


HubCapp summary of Kwik Fit contact numbers

Kwik Fit department Phone number
Contact your local Kwik Fit centre 0800 222 111
Complaints 0800 757 677
MOT reminders 0345 450 9271
Kwik Fit insurance 0800 280 2222


Write to Kwik Fit

Write letters to the Kwik Fit head office situated in Letchworth by sending them directly to the postal address provided below, however if you have urgent vehicle repairs or MOT check enquiries you should refer them via their telephone helplines provided above as this is a comparatively slow method of communication.

Kwik Fit (GB) Limited,
ETEL House,
Avenue One,
Letchworth Garden City,
SG6 2HU,
United Kingdom.